Premier Meetup Success Impresses Investors

by Seth Mek on June 13, 2018

Last weekend Justin and the Verge team hosted its first ever meet-up with Derek Capo, CEO of Token Pay, in Amsterdam. The meeting was quite a success in many ways. Justin and Derek had a few interesting things to share with investors. Of course, the CWC team was present in full support of both projects.

The meeting was not only informative, but it was a networking opportunity to socialize and meet with other like-minded individuals. Justin was his usual down-to-earth self and made sure not to spill too much news on future partnerships but focused more on the future of the technology and being as transparent as possible with the community.

Tons of exciting news was shared and details on the "hack" were cleared up. Allegedly, the new codebase they’ve been working on was to blame for both attacks. As we all know, the third attack was merely FUD circulating the space. One of the most exciting things he mentioned was the implementation of RSK Smart Contracts. Rootstock (RSK) is basically “a horizontal, usually underground stem that often sends out roots and shoots from its nodes.” It is an open-source smart contract platform that focuses on security, scalability and instant payments. He didn't give a timeframe and jokingly admitted he's not a 'hard-date' type of guy but did say it will be done as soon as possible. Another interesting thing Justin talks about is that they have three NDA's in place for future partnerships, of course he didn't get into much detail considering the history of prior mentions of big news. He did however address the fear of potential partners who aren't familiar with crypto and assures them volatility is not an issue they should be concerned about. On top of that Justin cleared up the Ledger scandal and claims that the Ledger application is going to happen, they're just waiting on the Ledger team to respond. We were also told that the iOS wallet via Bread Wallet, recently rebranded as BRD is coming this year, that's definitely something to be excited about considering BRD is one of the most popular mobile wallets on the market currently.

The meeting ended with Justin and Derek doing a quick Q&A. You can watch the entire event here:

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