The State of Litecoin on Social Media

by Seth Mek on April 03, 2018

Litecoin is one of, if not the most talked about Cryptocurrencies on social media today. It's no surprise either. The number of Twitter influencers coining hashtags and trademarking their handles is increasing rapidly. You can't blame them, LTC is a hot coin and Crypto's are a hot topic. Marketers turned investors are salivating at the opportunity to not only promote their favorite coins, but to also promote themselves at the same time.

A perfect example of this is @Litecoindad. Love him or hate him, he's made a name for himself in the Crypto Twitterverse and he's been making waves as of late, despite being briefly shadow-banned (maybe that's a topic for another day).

Now, Litecoin Dad isn't the only person who's leading the Litecoin army, but in my opinion, he's definitely one of the top voices of the LTC community on Twitter. With the help of Charlie Lee, #PayWithLitecoin quickly became a popular tag for LTC bag holders and crypto investors alike on Twitter. This has led to a strong push towards mass adoption in the last couple of months. One that stands out is the popular Bitcoin mobile wallet, Bread, now known as BRD. They've recently tweeted out that they're highly likely to add LTC to their app in the future (albeit Loafwallet is still the king of mobile LTC wallets). With the recent implementation of Lightning, it has opened the eyes of outsiders and proved that Litecoin presents the best-case use as a "payment coin". In fact, Litecoin users are now even propagating outside of the community in order to push for global acceptance by asking their favorite vendors to accept LTC as a form of payment and wearing clothing that represent the coin.

All in all, the value assigned to each digital currency is determined by the community of adopters that decide to hold and use it and from the looks of how things are currently going, Litecoin seems as though it's able to hold its own.

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