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Michael Parsons cardano foundation

Michael Parsons, Chairman of Cardano Foundation, Resigns Under Pressure

The civil war within the Cardano community has finally ceased, and surprisingly peacefully. Michael Parsons,...
by Seth Mek on November 14, 2018
ripple dubai

Ripple (XRP) Builds on Expansion Plans, Set to Launch Office in Dubai

The third largest digital asset on earth, Ripple, is set to open an office in...
by Seth Mek on November 06, 2018
stellar lumens xlm starlight

Lightning Strikes Three Times as Stellar Lumens (XLM) Launches Starlight

First Bitcoin, then Litecoin, and now…Stellar? In an unlikely turn of events the developers of the sixth-largest cryptocurrency have revealed plans of a second-layer payments system, which could possibly open the door to an instantaneous off-chain settlement with no fees. Announced via a Medium post, Interstellar revealed an early demo for Starlight, a Lightning Network for the Stellar Lumens crypto.
by Seth Mek on October 30, 2018
litecoin ltc bitcoin btc

Litecoin (LTC) To Introduce Lower Transaction Fees

Announced via their Medium post, the upcoming release of Litecoin Core 0.17 is set to lower network fees by a factor of 10.  Currently, the average transaction fee is Ł0.001 per KB or approximately $0.05. With the upcoming reduction, we can expect to see Ł0.0001 per KB or approx. $0.005. The last time we saw numbers this low was in 2015. One of the reasons for this move comes in the wake of the 2017 bull run of LTC, when tx fees regularly reached up to $0.10 on average per transaction and peaks at just over a dollar.
by Seth Mek on October 23, 2018
fidelity investments cryptocurrency trading

Wall Street Giants Fidelity Will Open Cryptocurrency Trading to its 27 Million Customers

Fidelity, the $2.5 trillion asset manager, announced Monday it’s stepping into the space. Fidelity currently...
by Seth Mek on October 16, 2018
cz binance bnb charity

Binance Taking Charge: Listing Fees Go to Charity

One of the largest (if not the largest) cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance announced today that it...
by Seth Mek on October 09, 2018


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